Europe need to hear the true gospel about Jesus Christ

More and more people in Europe are choosing to not believe in God, since they never have experienced Him answering their prayers. The religions stand in the way for people finding the way to God. Our mission is to show people that God exists, that He love us and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him.

All the answers we humans need to know about God are written in the Bible – the Word of God. Therefore, we are focusing in preaching the message of the Bible in a simple and understandable way, to provides a basis for further self-study in the Bible for the individual.

Today, less than 2% of the people in Europe know God in person, and they don’t know that the gate to Him is true Jesus. This is way Jesus to Europe is important! It’s important that everyone get the opertunity understand how to know God. That’s our mission!


Over several year, God showed the founder of the minnistry, Arvid Aasen several pictures in a vision about Europe. He saw that there are coming a greater revival in the last days, before Jesus is coming back.

Therefor, in a specific leading of God, in 2014 the family Aasen moved form Norway to France and started a totally new life in Paris. We came from a safe life with good jobs, house, cottage by the sea and good friends. The change of life cost us almost everything, but the love for God and the need for people to hear the gospel drove us into the unknown life.

Today we are grateful for all the people we are able to share the gospel with. To a multitude of people through the app and web WonByOne and Tu es aime, but also one by one in the streets of Paris.    

God’s love have change our life, and we hope His love will change your life as well!

There is a need for more workers, Are you one of them?

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